Art is fundamentally an idea, a changing idea that we are constantly re-elaborating and that regulates and defines how we relate to the manifestation of art itself. I always question my art-idea, I keep it constantly changing by incorporating new layers and thoughts.

For me, the art-idea is analogous to that of Philosophy in two ways: on one hand it is the paradigm from which a reality is interpreted and acted upon and on the other it is the necessary tool to illuminate the hidden areas of said reality. The artist does the same: he generates his own language that reveals hidden meanings of what surrounds him, and in this movement the poetic dimension appears, a place where the limits of what is said and what is not are crossed.

As an artist, I believe that transdisciplinarity, which in itself implies the intersection of different policies and modes of action, is where the relationships that make the appearance of new poetics possible today appear.

I think that art is the spearhead of almost all things, and artists are some kind of radar of what happens in our time. Art is that idea that changes permanently and that is always moving the border of meaning. I like to think of this as an act of magic that can happen in any context, under any discipline and in any format.