CONCURSO NACIONAL UADE DE ARTES VISUALES [national contest for visual arts UADE]

Participation as a jury in the UADE National Contest of Visual Arts, 2020 edition.


For this edition of the award, Sebastián Tedesco has been one of the invited artists to participate as a jury.


The jury acts in two instances: the first to select the works and the second to award the selected works.


In the selection stage, the jury determines the number of works that go to the subsequent award stage, based on the number of works presented and the spaces available for exhibition in the event that the sample can be carried out properly in person. In the award stage, the jury determines, among the selected works, those that receive awards.



JULY 20: Opening of the call.

AUGUST 21: Closing of the call.

AUGUST 30: Extension of the call.

SEPTEMBER 23: Selection of works.

SEPTEMBER 28: Publication on the site and of the list of selected works DIGITAL CATEGORY.


For reasons of the Pandemic, and due to the large number of works submitted for the contest in the VISUAL ARTS category, the jury has requested to postpone the selection process for a few days, postponing the results until further notice. The dates of the General Awards and Inauguration of the VIRTUAL exhibition will be rescheduled for the same reason.