FRONTERAS SUSPENDIDAS [suspended borders]

Fronteras Suspendidas [Suspended Borders] is a pedagogical and curatorial project directed by Sebastián Tedesco and Mariano Luna, which has been developed annually at the MuseoMar [MAR Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art] in Provincia de Buenos Aires.


From 2016 to 2018, each year, 10 artists from Provincia de Buenos Aires were selected to participate in an art clinic to work together with a series of guests who participated in the process and offered lectures to general  museum public on various topics related to the lines of work raised in each edition of Suspended Borders.


The project proposal is to create a space of thinking about limits and permeable contacts that separate art from the other that is always there, outside its field, in many cases professions or professional fields apparently distant but that converge in the same creator, sometimes in relation to institutions, exhibition spaces or with the community to which it belongs.


In 2019, a pause was made in the work clinic processes to give place, within the framework of the 2nd edition of BIENALSUR, to the presentation of the “Marathon” exhibition at the MAR Museum. The exhibition is a tour of the works in collaboration between Jorge Macchi and Edgardo Rudnitzky. For the first time, the artists showed in its entirety all of their joint work carried out since 2003, which includes videos, video installations, sound installations and performances.


2016 Guests: Ricardo Blanco, Tomas Rawski, Mariano Giraud, Sebastian Adamo, Joaquin Aras, Bruno Mesz and Maria Ceña.


Selected Artists: Nahuel Agüero, Julia Andreasevich, María Julieta Basso, Gustavo Christiansen, Rocio Englender, Kika García Llorente, Lili Gelman, Marcia Medina, Carla García Rebecchi and Florencia Silva.


2017 Guests: Jorge Macchi, Diana Aisenberg, Mene Savasta Alsina, Mario Caporali, Bruno Mesz and Maria Ceña, Mauricio Corbalan.


Selected Artists: Federico Santos, Mario Vázquez, Lole Remón, Melisa Zulberti, Sara Valentina Sansonetti, Florencia Reisz, Facundo Lugea, Candela Del Valle, María Inés Szigety, Catalina Sosa.


2018 Guests: Jorge Macchi, Carlos Herrera, Eduardo Stupia, Diana Wechsler, Segismundo de Vajay, Esteban Alvarez, Larisa Zmud.


Selected Artists: Valeria Sanchez, Ciro Múseres, Vera Laiño, Sebastián Pantaleone, Natalia Santoclides, Gala Lucia González Barrios, Eliana Madonna, Adriana Rodríguez Giansetto, Florencia Sáez, Juan Martín Sesali Maydana