Estéban Álvarez will culminate his participation in “Fronteras Suspendidas” with a conference for all the Mar de Plata cultural community (October 2018)

A new conference will be held within the framework of the  Clinic “Fronteras Suspendidas” on Satuday 20th of October, 2018, by the artist Esteban Álvarez, who will give the lecture “Small anecdotes with institutions”, in which he will visit his work, in special interventions and productions that were related to different types of institutions. Free admission until the Auditorium’s capacity is full (200 people).


– ESTEBAN ÁLVAREZ (Buenos Aires, 1966)

Born in 1966 in Buenos Aires.

He exhibited in different international and biennial exhibitions, and in places such as Malba and Fundación Proa (Buenos Aires), The Drawing Center (New York), Cubitt Gallery (London). His work is in various public and private collections, such as UECLAA (University Collection of Latin American Art), England. Malba, Costantini Collection, Buenos Aires, among others.


– “Fronteras Suspendidas” Clinic 2018 The Suspended Frontiers Production Clinic for artists is held for seven months, for the third consecutive year. It is intended for artists who are interested in investigating their personal activities and the link with the boundaries of works. It consists of seven working days with ten people selected from the province of Buenos Aires. At the end of each meeting, a specialist gives an open talk to the general public.


“Fronteras Suspendidas” is coordinated by Sebastián Tedesco and Mariano Luna.


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