“Eterna Ronda”, one of my video pieces has been selected for the exhibition “La Faz de la Tierra” (October 2018)

International call for Video for the the permanent exhibition La faz de la Tierra.

This Art Show consists of a colection of selected videos that are exhibited in Pla Gallery for two months.


This week you can come to visit the exhibitions from Wednesday to Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.! Fragment of Eternal Ronda. 6.27 min. Argentina.


“Espacio Pla will select 36 videos to show them in the framework of a reboot of Eduardo Pla’s video installation Videomundo Virtual.


Videomundo Virtual was a work made for the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations, in 1995. It consisted of a sphere-shaped structure that contained 6 televisions reproducing scenes from different parts of the world, on work carried out by the organization.


The possibility of reproducing this work in a framework of artistic reflection, proposes a connection between two moments in history around the concept of Globalization: the first 1995, a moment in which an optimistic discourse of a near future was imposed, which It would connect the inhabitants of the entire planet from solidarity, fraternity and prosperity.


It is worth noting that at this time the European Union emerged, the NAFTA free trade agreement (USA, Canada and Mexico) was consolidated and in turn the Zapatista insurrection and strikes in France emerged that gave rise to the alter-world movement.


The second 2018: more than twenty years later we can say that the concept advanced and took on a much more explicit form and dimension. After events such as the 2008 world crisis or the Arab Spring, the illusion turned into events that allow us to have a position and perspective on the matter.


The selected videos will replace the videos of the original installation to give an account of the new imago that is manifested today regarding this “unified civilization”. ”


More information at: https://sebastiantedesco.com/obra/eterna-ronda-2017/