Exhibition of the works RICHKER and ¿Somos humanos? in The Wrong Biennale (2019-2020)

Chamber of wonders!


Two of my works: “RICHKER” and “Somos Humanos?” participate in The Wrong Biennale 2019-2020. Can’t miss it!


We propose to continue enjoying the online pavilion proposed for The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale 2019-2020: “HEAVING UPWARD ON A SWELL OF BITS”.


The Wrong Biennale has been awarded this year, with an honorable mention by The European Commission’s STARTS PRIZE ’20. Link to the pavilion: https://heavingupward.cargo.site/

Using the Internet as a source or inspiration, the corpus brings together digital and analog collages, photographs, videos, paintings and gifts, under the premise of not leaving any sign intact.



Constantine Katsiris
Dominik Śmiałowski
Ian Kornfeld

Julien Pacaud

Lino Divas

María Ossandón Recart

Philipp Igumnov
Sebastian Duran
Sebastian Tedesco
Susi Hochstimm
Sylvia Toy St Louis

The Wrong curator: Laura Focarazzo

Ph of the work “RICHKER – Turris Babel” by
Sebastian Tedesco.


More info aboyt RICHKER: CLICK HERE


More info about ¿Somos Humanos?: CLICK HERE