Openning of the Art Exhibition “Condensación – Cambio de Estado” (September 2018)

Pla gallery presents “Condensación (Cambio de Estado)”, an exhibition by Diego Alberti and Sebastián Tedesco, which will take place on the ground floor, articulating with the permanent exhibition on the upper floor, La faz de la tierra, curated by Merlina Rañi. Referring to Jasmine Adler’s living room text, “Condensación (Cambio de Estado)” flirts with the imaginary of William Gibson’s cyberpunk novel Neuromancer (1984) and its post-industrial landscapes.


However, the works of Diego Alberti and Sebastián Tedesco do not suggest an apocalyptic vision. Quite the opposite. Here the ironic gesture supplants dystopia. A mega condenser, toy vehicles and a set of lighting pieces weave a web where nothing is what it seems. At the Cargo Trucks facility, Sebastián presents a dozen sheet metal trucks transformed into electrical extensions fitted with coupled sockets. Its loading areas supply the works that make up the Ciudad luz series. In these images, Diego rehearses an exercise in geometric abstraction based on panoramic photographs of a night city.


Generative algorithms translate the most visible points of light in the photos into an architecture of copper wires and LEDs. For its part, La faz de la tierra is presented as a curatorial exercise by Merlina Rañi around the work of the artist Eduardo Pla, pointing directly to the image as the interface of the world, and the emergence of a “virtual” imaginary derived from the production of images and digital environments.


A tour of some of the artist’s visual pieces, produced at different times and with different methods, is complemented by the reboot of the video-installation Videomundo Virtual, a work made in 1995 for the 50th anniversary of the United Nations.


On this occasion, the installation will be presented with six new videos selected from an international call, which invites curators and artists to reflect on the concept of Globalization and the distance between two moments in history: 1995 and 2018. Month by month the they will present 6 new videos.



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