The National Senate declare an approval for our participation in Brain and Wine (June 2019)

The National Senate issued an official declaration of approval in support of our participation in the organization of the Brain & Wine Event, the neuroscience and wine meeting that we organized with Bruno Mesz, UNTREF, the University of Oxford, INECO and ElBulli in Barcelona! !


“Those attending this unprecedented event participated in different artistic installations developed to reflect on new trends in the perception of wine and consumption. There were wine glasses with sensors that detect the sip and generate vibrations and sounds, or tables designed to create a unique experience together with the wine through the senses. These are just some of the examples that the attendees found ”. According to data provided by the official site of the forum. The top experts in this field put all their experience in this meeting in order for it to become an international benchmark. For all the above, I ask my peers to join me in this draft declaration.


Sen. Roberto G. Basualdo.-