ETERNA RONDA (2017) [eternal round]

Single Channel Video 


Format: .mp4

Duration: 06:27 min.

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels – 30fps (HD)

Compression / Codecs: H264, AAC. 


Just like a ritual, this video is structured in successive parts, or in successive steps that might be necessary for something further, although perhaps that’s all they are and nothing more, self-sufficient, complete. 


Imagen been taken from the internet and digitally modified, show scenes of rounds, jumps, dances, faces and bodies intervened for ceremonial purposes. The use of black and white and the fact that there are no specific epochal references in the images, places them in a timeless state, where they could well be scenes of the 21st century as well as the second century of our era (or another era). 


The image of a forest or a dark and dense nature begins and crowns the video, as a prologue and closing, proposing a form: a circular one. To be able to think that the human being is one, that we are those men and women who dance and paint their bodies, that we are all races in all times. We have been looking for the same thing for thousands of years. 


Identifying with the primitive, updates what we believe, belongs to another time and other beings. 


The human being is not eternal, but the round is. 





Sample PDS N3 GOLDET TICKET. Chaos finds the structure. Recoleta Cultural Center, May, 2019. Curator Karina Acosta. 


Macchi House – Paso del Lobo – Province of Buenos Aires – Argentina. 


Muestra “La Faz de la Tierra”- Espacio Pla, Buenos Aires 2018 – Curator: Merlina Rañi.