IMPRESORA HUMANA (2018) [human printer]

Series consisting of two works:

Installative painting and Single-channel video.


Series of objects representatios subjected to a digital process of prepress that turns them into feasible abstractions to be expressed by the body of the artist-machine. The image is broken in vertical or horizontal stripes, producing a translation in which the color values ​​have their equivalent in line values. That is, lines of different length and width, which are arranged equidistantly and perpendicular to the paper, direction in which the prints are made. The new image, resulting from this translation, is projected onto a paper.


There the image is painted with acrylics, always with the same brush and reiterating the movement from top to bottom, as a printer. The length chosen for each work is determined according to the body, its resistance and availability.


The video that accompanies the paintings is a work of video performance where you can see a body-machine that prints, in order and mechanically, always in the same direction, a drawing composed of lines.


Body-machine and hyper-production as a mandate and as a social duty that reaches the artist.

Art industry and industrialization of the work, human printer.

Body-machine that executes a program.

To follow a program with the possibility of doing and undoing, going back and forth, making copies. Inexhaustible paper roll, like a digital canvas.

These printings are fabrications that result in products.

He has made art, he has made a product, he has included digital processes.

Now he can be human.” ST&GL





FACA 2018 – Contemporary Art Fair Argentina-. Hipódromo, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.