LUNA 1 (2016) [moon 1]

LUNA1 belongs to a series of two pieces.  


LUNA1: video art piece.

LUNA2: site-specific installation.


The works of the LUNA series deal with the hybridization between the virtual and the physical planes and their impact on perception of time in relation to natural cycles, specifically to man’s obsession to manipulate his environment through technology.


When natural cycles that govern the space one inhabits begin to be susceptible to manipulation and distortion, it’s because that space stops being only physical to become hybrid.  


In the works the behavior of the moon is distorted and manipulated through three types of devices: digital, physical and metaphysical. The devices used add dimensions that generate a new or alternative time-space.


In LUNA1 the device is the digital manipulation performed on the original image of the moon, from formal operations of repetition, multiplication and fragmentation.


The audio in both pieces is presented as a metaphysical dimension that is added to the space-time dimensions. It is created from a sound texture generated from a series of nomenclatures of the moon that were used in ancient rites as “technological tools” to manipulate lunar influences.


-The piece in the series entitled LUNA1 participated in the digital art biennial The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale, organized by David Quilles Guillo. At the end of the art biennial, the work was donated to the collection of the HardDisk Museum and for this reason it is not available on this site.





The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale, organized by David Quilles Guillo. Espacio Pla, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Curated by Merlina Rañi and Celina Pla.


Hardiskmuseum, MACBA (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires), Buenos Aires, Argentina.