RECETA (2013) [recipe]



Prints, cork and cut vinyl on wall / Dimensions: 200 cm. x 500 cm.


This work consist of the study of the publication Art Now 3 in order to determine the stereotype of the contemporary artist that represents what is relevant for the art institutions of the developed countries. The analysis contemplate, through different statistical methods, sociological aspects of the artists, and formal and conceptual aspects of the published works to finally generate the life and work of an “ideal” artist according to the parameters of the curators of this publication.


The installation presents the detailed data of the analysis and the invention of a fictional artist and his work presented as a recipe or infography.





Premio Faena a las Artes – Fundacioón Vairoletto: I Fuorilegge.





Faena Arts Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Curated by Lucrecia Palacios.