SUPERFICIES DE CONTACTO (2016) [contact surfaces]

Site-specific sculptural installation – variable sizes.


“Superficies de Contacto” it’s a series of sculptures that combine technological waste with 3D modeling and printing. They’re erected in space as expanding forms / masks-of-being. This work goes around the metaphor of being / machine. These beings / pieces of art, suggest a possible future where they’re able to create themselves and forge a personality.


This installation was presented within the framework of an exhibition composed of two sets of works: “Superficies de Contacto” and “Donde está el peligro, Crece lo que salva”, one of this is sculptural and the other audiovisual respectively. Both pieces are related in a way that re-elaborate materially and conceptually aspects of the existing technology and throw reflections on what we could call an ontology of machines. At the same time they configure a powerful spatial and sound experience when implanted in the same room.





Exhibition “Persona” of Sebastián Tedesco. Espacio Pla, 2016, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curated by Mene Savasta.