CAMPO CRONO (2018) [chrono field]

Single Channel Video

Format: .mov
Duration: 33:37 mins.
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels – 30fps (FULL HD).
Compression / Codecs: H264.
Sound: Stereo – 48000Hz.
Camara: N/A

Video whose duration exceeds 30 minutes.

Video whose duration of image and sound exceeds 30 minutes.

Video whose duration exceeds 30 minutes, and where subtle changes are operated.

Video of abstract images, fast and slow while having the directionality of an arrow.

The work draws the attention of the senses, draws the attention of bodies accustomed to what usually lasts a few moments for the sight and the ears.

It is a segment of something that could be infinite or last only seconds in another temporal logic. It is not wise to ask yourself a segment of what. It is seen that it is always different, at times the change in the image is subtle. Long times, subtle change, noises: everything seems to defy certain logic of contemporary art, which usually submits to marathons of images where the one who feels, loses. The senses numbed by the habit of speed, here wake up thanks to a un-time.

The work generates a time outside the usual or expected time of the format. It disturbs the viewer or bores him, and through one or another thing, manages to make him surrender, give himself up and forget about the right time.

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Show: “DOC BUENOS AIRES – CINE DE ARTISTAS”. OSDE Fundation. Buenos Aires, Argentina. August, 2019. Curator: Eduardo Stupia.