CORRESPONDENCIAS TRANSMODALES [crossmodal correspondences]

Correspondencias transmodales: aplicaciones tecnológicas, artísticas y al ámbito de la salud.

[Cross-modal correspondances: technological and artistic aplications in the health field].

Correspondencias Transmodales [cross-modal correspondances] is a research project in Art, Science and Technology co-directed by Sebastián Tedesco and Bruno Mesz whose main objective is the empirical study of transmodal correspondences between the senses of smell, taste, vision, touch and hearing in a primarily musical context (unlike most other studies in this field where auditory stimuli are extremely simple). For this we have collaborations already underway with the University of Oxford; the Polytechnic University of Valencia; Berklee College of Music; Di Tella University; Department of Computer Science, FCEN, UBA; INECO; elBulli Foundation; and the Ars Antiqua Nova Festival.


The main line of work consists of the development of technologies from the application of experimental results to the creation of multisensory atmospheres for performances, increased interactions with food and perfumes, the promotion of healthy eating behaviors, new musical interfaces; techniques for voicing facial expressions aimed at feedback on emotional expressions for blind people; the possibility of sensory representations of data with chemical senses (smell and taste). We develop several devices designed to modify / increase the experience of drinking and eating, potentially applicable in the study of multisensoryity and in the field of art, nutrition and gastronomy. The general idea is to achieve temporal synchronization and spatial co-location between events in various sensory dimensions, based on extensive experimental evidence that the spatio-temporal co-occurrence of stimuli in various sensory modalities is a crucial factor in multisensory integration.



In April 2018, the Science and Technology Commission of the National Senate of Argentina made a Declaration of Beneplácito for the realization of Brain & Wine. Since 2014 we have participated in various exhibitions, conferences and performances highlighting: BienalSur / Brain & Wine (elBulli Foundation, University of Oxford, London University, INECO) / Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium (Providence, USA) / Multisensory Human Food Interaction (Glasgow , Scotland) / Conference (Center de Recherches sur l’Art et le Langage, Paris) / Performance (Reid Hall, Paris) / Suspended Borders (MAR Museum, Mar del Plata) / EarPort (Duisburg, Germany) / “Reading room ”(Ruth Benzacar Gallery, Buenos Aires) / Conference (Berklee College of Music, Boston) / Workshop on the Philosophy of Cognitive Science (Museum of the Book and Language, Buenos Aires) / Performance and conference (MALBA, Buenos Aires) / Work and conference (Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum, New York).


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