Conference and interface presentation: “Scrabin Transemocional”, at Muntref Centro de Arte y Ciencia (Octobre 2018)

We invite you to the conference on “Transmodal Correspondences between smell, taste and music” by Bruno Mesz and the Presentation of the installation “Scriabin Transemocional”, an installation within the framework of the research project “Transmodal Correspondences: applications Technological, artistic and health fields ”(IIAC: Institute for Research in Art and Culture Dr. Norberto Griffa, UNTREF).


Idea: Bruno Mesz, Sebastián Tedesco


Transmodal translation and perfume design: María Zegna


Production team: Sebastián Tedesco, Camilo Álvarez, Leonardo Potenza, Carlos Sztaynberg.


MUNTREF Center of Art and Science, Tecnópolis Headquarters. Thursday, October 11 at 3:00 p.m.


“Trans-emotional Scriabin” consists of the presentation of an organ of aromas that responds to the synaesthetic note-color associations of Scriabin, producing combinations of perfumes and colors.

The aromas were chosen by María Zegna based on their subjective color-aroma-temperature associations. This project’s main objective is the empirical study of cross-modal correspondences between the senses of smell, taste, Vision, touch and hearing in a primarily musical context. In the field of applications, we work the development of technologies for the creation of multi-sensory atmospheres for performances, heightened interactions with food and perfumes, the promotion of healthy eating behaviors, new musical interfaces; Sensory representations of data with chemical senses (smell and taste).


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